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Sgt. Beardsley's Safety/Crime Prevention Tips

Sgt. Beardsley is an Inland Bearded Dragon and joined the Sheriff's Office on January 15, 2017. He was a bit young at only 3 weeks old but he definitely liked the attention he was getting from staff and kids coming to the sheriff's office.  

We held a contest to name him and the name "Sgt. Beardsley" won out of the nearly 50 names submitted.  

We are using him as an ambassador to get the word out about safety issues involving children and teenagers. You are more than welcome to come in and meet Sgt. Beardsley and the staff. Watch our website for Sgt. Beardsley's Safety Tips.


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Counterfeit Bill Recognition


As a consumer and retailer, it is very important that you can readily recognize counterfeit money. A less sophisticated thief may print their own money on paper that will react with the counterfeit bill identification pen or not illuminate properly under UV light.  Given today's printers and photo programs, money can be printed to look almost like the real thing.

It is the currency that has been washed and the old ink extracted and re-printed to a higher denomination that makes it more difficult to identify.  That is why it is important that merchants teach their employees how to recognize the safety features in money.  It is recommended that all US Currency be examined for tampering.

I don't mean to suggest that customers carry a UV light or counterfeit recognition pen in their purses or wallets, but be able to recognize money that may be counterfeit.  Often times if the counterfeit bill is not caught at the register it may come to you, the consumer, as change.  

If you don't know the security features of your US Currency, refer to the attached website.


Road Closure - Franklin Drive (A-20) at Dry Auglaize Creek

Camden County Road and Bridge Department will be closing Franklin Drive (A-20) at the Dry Auglaize Creek from May 23 through June 1, 2017 to repair the low water crossing.  All traffic will have to use Garrison Road (A-28). 

Your patience and support is appreciated.  Any questions may be directed to the Camden County Road and Bridge Department at 573-346-4471.

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Lake Area SART Benefit Trap Shoot

June 3, 2017 @ 10 am

Location:  51 Trapshooters Road, Linn Creek, Mo.


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Manhunt Cancelled

The manhunt in the area of Munro St. and Third St., Camdenton, Mo. has been cancelled.  Female involved was taken to the hospital and the incident has been unsubstantiated.  

For any further information contact the Camdenton Police Department.

Immediate Release - Man Hunt


At 2:53 pm, 5/18/2107, a female subject was assaulted in the area of Munro St. and Third, Camdenton.  Male suspect, wearing black ball cap, black pants and tan shirt.  Face was partially covered.  Male subject has a dark complexion.  Last seen running into the woods near that area.  Numerous officers in the area.  Expect delays.  Do not pick up anyone hitchhiking.  

Sheriff's Shoot, Sunday May 21st

A local paper has put the date of the shoot as the 20th.  The shoot is the 21st of May, Sunday.  It is open to anyone who can legally possess a firearm.  If you have any questions, please contact Chief Deputy Brashear at 573-346-2243 x 242.


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P R E S S   R E L E A S E


 May 17, 2017 – On May 14, 2017 at approximately 4: 20 am, a Camden County Deputy received information reference a large gathering of individuals, including minors, at a bonfire off Franklin Dr., Montreal, Mo., Camden County.


 As the Deputy arrived at the location, he checked a vehicle and discovered an unconscious individual who appeared to need immediate medical attention.  Upon seeing the deputy, several individuals were seen running into the woods.  The subjects appeared to be under age, however the deputy’s immediate concern was the safety of the unconscious individual.  The deputy called for medical assistance as well as additional Law Enforcement personnel. 


 As a precautionary measure, additional medical personnel were requested, due to others appearing to need medical attention.  Unfortunately, individuals participating in the party did not come to the aid of friends, when assistance was needed.   


 Adding to the seriousness of the situation, several individuals had become lost in the adjacent woods.  Deputies, Highway Patrolman, and Fire Department personnel assisted in locating several of the individuals.  Parents arrived on scene when they were contacted by their children.  Emergency responders remained on the scene until approximately 9:15 am to ensure that everyone was accounted for and safe.  


The owners of the property were not in the area at the time.  Several parents were contacted to pick up their children.


This incident is still under investigation.

Deputy Steven Turner Camden County SO

Deputy Steven L. Turner, formerly from Moberly, moved to the Camdenton area 14 years ago.  For approximately 13 years, Deputy Turner has been working as a Camden County Deputy in the Court Security Division.  

Deputy Turner has always had an interest in education.  In 2014 he achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology.  Deputy Turner continued his education at Mizzou and in 2017 received a Masters in Educational Technology, which allows him to teach and develop educational study programs.  

Deputy Turner, in his off hours, is teaching students from Brazil, via online courses.  He is teaching his students all facets of education with a special interest in history, social studies and some English.

Deputy Turner's primary hobbies are "spending time with his wife and doing dad stuff." Deputy Turner stated that, "Education has helped when teaching my own children personal growth."

Sheriff Helms, "To say that we are proud of him is an understatement."

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1st Annual Camden County Sheriff's Shoot



There has been some confusion about the shoot.  It is open to everyone who can legally possess a firearm.  Location CCSD Range on State Road A, Camden County.  Food Prizes, Raffles and Fun.

All proceeds go towards CCSO Scholarship and Relief Fund - Entry $35.00 per person.


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